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Example Board

Example of a Late Game Board

Board refers to the playable area in Dota Auto Chess. It is an 8x8 playing board, where players can deploy their chess pieces in any of the first four rows on their side.

As related to range measure from attack range/abilities..., size of each tile is 128 * 128, the board size is 1024 * 1024.

When a battle begins, units at the front of your board will fight against the units on the front of your enemy's board. Units move towards their first target, typically the closest enemy.

Assassin Class units will attempt to jump far into the back lines and then target the closest enemy.

Tips[ | ]

High HP units such as Knights should be kept in the front row to absorb damage from enemy units.

Units with directional spells should be kept to one side or another to maximize the number of units they may hit.

Units with AoE damaging spells should be kept close to the middle of the board to maximize the number of units they may hit.