Dota Auto Chess Wiki

The following page lists all the available chess pieces together with their species and class. For effects of the latter, see their respective pages.

Chess pool[ | ]

Chess pool is shared for all chess players. Each different piece has its own unique pool according to its cost:

Chess Cost Chess Pool Size
1 45
2 30
3 25
4 15
5 10

When a 1/2/3 star unit return to the pieces pool (sold/player die), 1/3/9 1 star pieces of that unit are added to the pool. If the unit is a Druid, 1/2/4 units are added instead.

Because of this, it is possible to reduce the overall total number of Druid pieces in a game if combined using 3 pieces.

With the introduction of Io (see in later section), it is possible to return more pieces than required to combine, which can increase overall total number of any piece in a game.

Chance to roll[ | ]

The chance of rolling rarer pieces is linked to your level. You can see the percentages in-game by selecting your courier and hovering over the tower/reroll icon on your skill bar.

Rank Common ($1) Uncommon ($2) Rare ($3) Mythic ($4) Legendary ($5)
1 100% 0% 0% 0% 0%
2 70% 30% 0% 0% 0%
3 60% 35% 5% 0% 0%
4 50% 35% 15% 0% 0%
5 40% 35% 23% 2% 0%
6 33% 30% 30% 7% 0%
7 30% 30% 30% 10% 0%
8 24% 30% 30% 15% 1%
9 22% 25% 30% 20% 3%
10 19% 25% 25% 25% 6%

Blacklisting[ | ]

Whenever a chess piece is to be replaced by a new one (either by manually re-rolling or the natural re-roll after a round), all chess pieces that were still in the shop are added to list of pieces that cannot occur in the next pack. This list is completely renewed on every re-roll, so previous blacklists have no effect.

If a rolled piece would be on the blacklist, it is rolled again (in it's entirety) until that piece is not on the blacklist. Since the entire rolling procedure is repeated whenever a piece on the blacklist is hit, you can get an SSR, IO, or piece from any cost (with the usual chances) from that re-roll. This makes rolling an IO more likely the likelier it is you will hit the blacklisted piece.

List[ | ]

Dota Auto Chess Units

The List as it appears in game. This list is very out of date and non of these pieces are an longer in the game using these names.

Name Species Class Cost
Axe Orc Warrior 1
Enchantress Beast Druid 1
Ogre Magi* Ogre Mage 1
Tusk Beast Warrior 1
Drow Ranger Undead Hunter 1
Bounty Hunter Goblin Assassin 1
Clockwerk Goblin Mech 1
Shadow Shaman Troll Shaman 1
Batrider Troll Knight 1
Tinker Goblin Mech 1
Anti Mage Elf Demon Hunter 1
Tiny Elemental Warrior 1
Mars God Warrior 1
Winter Wyvern Dragon Mage 1
Crystal Maiden Human Mage 2
Beastmaster Orc Hunter 2
Juggernaut Orc Warrior 2
Timbersaw Goblin Mech 2
Queen of Pain Demon Assassin 2
Puck Elf/Dragon Mage 2
Witch Doctor Troll Warlock 2
Slardar Naga Warrior 2
Chaos Knight Demon Knight 2
Morphling Elemental Assassin 2
Luna Elf Knight 2
Furion Elf Druid 2
Mirana Elf Hunter 2
Slark* Naga Assassin 2
Lich Undead Mage 2
Lycan Human/Beast Warrior 3
Venomancer Beast Warlock 3
Omniknight Human Knight 3
Razor Elemental Mage 3
Windranger Elf Hunter 3
Phantom Assassin Elf Assassin 3
Treant Protector Elf Druid 3
Abaddon Undead Knight 3
Sand King* Beast Assassin 3
Sniper Dwarf Hunter 3
Terrorblade Demon Demon Hunter 3
Viper Dragon Assassin 3
Shadow Fiend Demon Warlock 3
Lina Human Mage 3
Riki* Satyr Assassin 3
Dazzle Troll Priest 3
Doom Demon Warrior 4
Kunkka Human Warrior 4
Grimstroke Demon Wizard 4
Troll Warlord Troll Warrior 4
Keeper of Light Human Mage 4
Necrophos Undead Warlock 4
Templar Assassin Elf Assassin 4
Alchemist Goblin Warlock 4
Disruptor Orc Shaman 4
Medusa Naga Hunter 4
Dragon Knight Human/Dragon Knight 4
Lone Druid Beast Druid 4
Gyrocopter Dwarf Mech 5
Tidehunter Naga Hunter 5
Enigma Elemental Warlock 5
Techies Goblin Mech 5
Death Prophet Undead Warlock 5
Sven Demon Warrior 5
Zeus God Mage 5

*Currently removed from the pool as of patch 3/29/19, being adjusted.

SSR pieces and IO[ | ]

SSR pieces are alternative versions of some chess pieces that are much more powerful than their normal counterparts.

They have stats comparable to 3 star units and cannot be upgraded. They have different abilities from their normal counterparts.

Known SSR versions exist for Chaos Knight, Necrophos.

Io is a 5 cost piece that can be used as a substitute in place of other chess piece for upgrading.

SSR pieces and Io do not belong to the piece pool and theoretically there are infinitely many of them. When sold, they also do not return to the normal piece pool.

Rolling mechanics[ | ]

For each slot of the Reroll interface, roll 2 random numbers in range 1 to 10000.

  • If both rolled 1 and courier level is 7 or more, that slot offers a random SSR piece.
  • If above check fail, and if the first random number rolled 30 or less, that slot offers an Io.

Rolling chance[ | ]

Effectively, the chance for a slot to offer a SSR piece is 1 in 100,000,000 or 0.000001%, provided that your courier is level 7 or more.

The chance for a slot to offer an Io is 30 in 10,000 or 0.3% (minus the minuscule chance for SSR piece). (This check has no courier level requirement.)