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Crystal Maiden
Crystal Maiden
Magical Resistance
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Crystal Maiden is a human mage chess piece in Dota Auto Chess.

Piece Ability[ | ]

Arcane Aura
  • ABILITY: Passive

Enables periodic mana regeneration for all allied chesses

  • Mana regeneration every 2 sec 8/14/20
  • Area of Effect 800

Abilities[ | ]

Human species combo
  • Active when there are at least (N) different human chess pieces on the chessboard.
  • (3) Humans: In start of new round gives one Tome of Knowledge. (which gives you 1/16 of level on use)
  • (6) Humans: In start of new round gives two Tome of Knowledge's. And gives additional one for winning a Round.
Mage class combo
Magic Vulnerability
  • Active when you have at least (N) different mage pieces on board.
  • (3) Mages: All enemies have their magic resistance reduced by 35%.
  • (6) Mages: All enemies have their magic resistance reduced by an additional 45%.
  • (9) Mages: Your magic damage freezing enemies. Duration depends on damage caused enemy chess piece.

Strategy[ | ]

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How to play Crystal Maiden casually![ | ]

The Crystal Maiden is, on her own, pretty weak. She cant deal much damage and has low health, but her Arcane Aura is strong with synergy. The only reason for playing her is to get your abilities used first. Because of her clear strength and weaknesses you should never play her in early- or midgame. However, don't shy away from buying her. Every time you buy a Crystal Maiden, you invest in the lategame. Lich is greatly strengthened by Crystal Maiden (because of Lich's low mana-regeneration) and if you play Ogre Magi and/or Razor, your Crystal Maiden can give you the mage bonus. In addition to this, most midgame compositions run humans casually and the silence can get extremely powerful lategame. The strongest use of her is however the ability. If you run at least 2 legendary chess pieces, Crystal Maiden buffs your team more than any other chess piece (even more then more legendary pieces). If both players run extreme lategame AoE, the player with Crystal Maiden wins!