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Demon is a species in Dota Auto Chess.

Description[ | ]

"Chaotic beings that emerged from a dimensional fissure."

Effects[ | ]

Demon species combo
Fel Power
  • Active when you control only one demon on the chessboard.
  • (1) Demon: Physical damage dealth by all friendly Demon pieces is converted to Pure damage at 100% effectiveness. +5% extra effectiveness for each demon if more than one on board.

List of Demons[ | ]

Mechanics[ | ]

When a unit with the demon buff lands an auto-attack, a separate damage instance with pure damage type is dealt instantly to the attack target, with damage amount equating to 50% of original damage instance before all damage manipulation effects.

Trivia[ | ]

A concrete way to think about demon bonus is that your demon make a double hits attack with each attack, with the second hit is a triggered damage instance.

  • Each demon attack triggers 2 mana gains instances, which, due to how mana gain are calculated, may result in doubling mana gain amount comparing to other units
  • Each demon attack removes 2 refraction charges created by Templar Assassin's ability.
  • However, because the pure damage instance is not an auto attack, it cannot trigger effects that are triggered when auto attack land, e.g. lifesteal, cleave, ....
  • The pure damage instance also cannot trigger critical strike. But since its damage is based of the original damage instance, this damage is scaled up if the original is a critical strike.

The pure damage instance is more effective to target with positive physical resist, and less effective to target with negative physical resist.

Strategy[ | ]

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One Demon Strategy - part 1 Shadow Fiend[ | ]

Obviously any Team with more than 1 demon will lose +50% damage. So there can be 5 of these strats. Each of these strats has a major advantage: already at level 4 we can have 2 species boni, 1 for Demon and the other for e.g. Goblins.

In any of them it may make sense to put two of them on the field because both will have +50% damage because of Fel Power. It also applies to a level 1 demon and a level 2 demon or two level 2 demons. We do have: Shadow Fiend, Chaos Knight, Queen of Pain, Terrorblade and Doom. This guide is about Shadow Fiend, maybe more will come.

1. Shadow Fiend - Warlock strategy

Very powerful spell. Low health but armor. This strat may com easily with a starting strat with gobs/mech because of Alchemist, who would be the second warlock. Timber and Clock are both good frontliners so we can keep them for quite a while and be open for what happen goblinwise and mechwise.

What are the options now? We still have Witch Doctor, Venomancer, Necrophos and Enigma. Our choice will eventually lead to our third species granted that we will get Alchemist and keep Goblins.

1. So WD is only worth 2$ so we might get him first. He is a Troll. Other trolls are: Troll Warlord, Shadow Shaman and Batrider. Voodoo Frenzy for the next troll is +35% attack speed but only for trolls. So we would need 4 Trolls to have this for the whole team. 2. Veno is 3$ and Beast. Others are: Enchantress, Tusk, Sand King, Lycan and Lone Druid. Add a second Beast for +10% attack damage for the whole team (Wild Power) 3. Necro is most interesting because he is Undead. Others are: Drow, Abaddon and Lich. Horror gives -5 armor for all enemies with just one more Undead. 4. Enigma is Elemental and rare but would fit in anytime. Others are Tiny, Morphling and Razor.

How could we proceed?

We start with a few gobs and aim for 3 gobs early on 2 being mechs. If we can have Timber and Clock that would be great. While we level them, we watch out for Warlocks and just get all of them until we have SF. Then we can really go for it because SF is a nice one anyway. If we have already 3 warlocks we may come short of space on the field to put a second SF there. If we do not get Alch, we might replace the gobs later on. Once we have 3 warlocks, we may start working in the direction of their species and either look for a better frontline, crowd control or whatever comes up.

When do we have to abandon this strat?

Like with any other plan, we may be inclined to take a different path when other heroes can be bought and the ones we are looking for do not.

We may anytime be able to get back to this, once Shadow Fiend shows up.

Demonhunter 2x[ | ]

Just DemonHunter 2x and all Demons

Demonhunter + Demon Core[ | ]

8 core units with: Elf, Assassin, Demon Hunter, Demon bonuses

Anti-Mage (1)

Terrorblade (3)

Chaos Knight (2)

Queen of Pain (2)

Shadow Fiend (3)

Doom (4)

Phantom Assassin (3)

Templar Assassin (4)

() = Cost


2 possible addition to further boost our synergies depending on situation:

Kunkka + Lycan = Warrior + Human bonus with Doom. More frontline and chance to silence.

Luna + Abaddon/Omniknight = Knight bonus and Luna benefits from the Elf. (This 1 can be hard to pull off unless you get a fat Luna).

Necrophos + Death prophet = Undead + Warlock bonus with Shadow fiend. Extremely strong sustain end core, only looses to big burst cc and mages.

Medusa + Tide = Naga bonus. More cc for your own accord and magic resist to handle the mage comps in the endgame.


Early Advice: The first signs for you to go the demon build is when your rolls give you a lot of Anti-Mages, QOP, Ck and T-Blade in the first couple of rounds. Early 2 star demons are huge and capable of rekting even goblins sustain game and pesky knight tank comps. All of you demons and assassins are potential carries thanks to thier passives so beef them up with items.


Positioning: Ck and Doom is your head front, Antimage and T-blade is your side sweepers. Sf, QOP and Templar is your backline damage dealer, put them right behind your front for best effectiveness (QOP scream on many targets, Templar gets her ult quick for semitanking). Lastly your Phantom is the lone backline plucker.


Situation Advice: Sometimes getting all of the demons is just not possible, because of the rng rolls you end up with maybe only 3 demons instead of 5. Don't hesitate to build around those and skip the other demons, sometimes that could be even better with going more warlocks/knights/assassins/warriors to further boost your comp.


Final advice: Aiming for all the demons before the game have even started are usually not the best way to go for since having at least 1 demon on your party is a good idea for anyone (and that includes your opponents). Your game will be really hard if your opponents notice what you are going for full demons and they can just buy a bunch of em that will make it even harder for you to roll them.

It's when you get those lucky rolls and get 2 star Anti-Mage + T-blade + Ck/QOP/Sf that you will become really scary. And at that point your opponents demons become almost useless, and sooner or later they will sell them right into our hands *Evil demon laugh MWAHAAHAHA style*.

Demons are really fun to play with, they usually end the game before round 40 witch are the trolls.