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Elemental is a species in Dota Auto Chess.

Description[ | ]

"Elementals are unstable beings that radiate mysterious energy when attacked. This gives them a chance to turn their melee aggressors to stone."

Effects[ | ]

Elemental species combo
Elemental Essence
  • Active when there are at least (N) different elemental chess pieces on the chessboard.
  • (2) Elementals: All friendly elementals have 25% chance to turn the attacker into stone for 4s when attacked by melee chesses.
  • (4) Elementals: All friendly chesses have 25% chance to turn the attacker into stone for 4s when attacked by any chesses.

List of Elementals[ | ]

Inconsistency[ | ]

This synergy is inconsistent with other synergy as to how it work, especially when compared to troll synergy: The (2) Elemental bonus do not carry over when you have 4 Elementals. At 4 Elementals, your elemental units are affected by only 1 instance of the bonus, have 30% chance to stun.

If it work like other synergy, your elementals should have 2 instances of the buff, meaning an equivalent of 51% chance of stun.

The cause of this inconsistency: (2) Elemental and (4) Elemental provide the same ability that provide the effect, and any unit cannot receive the same ability twice. This is possibly a oversight from the developer as other synergies have different abilities for each of their bonus tier, as seen from game files.

The correct description to consistently describe how it currently work is "(4) Elemental: All friendly non-elementals have 30% chance to turn attacker into stone when attacked by melee chesses."

Strategy[ | ]

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