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Goblin is a species in Dota Auto Chess.

Description[ | ]

"Goblins are a cunning species with a love for money, explosives, and less-than-reliable technology. Their drive to invent fuels them, giving the brightest among them a boost in stamina and fortitude."

Effects[ | ]

Goblin species combo
  • Active when you have at least (N) different goblin pieces on board.
  • (3) Goblins: Grants a random ally +15 armor and +10 HP regeneration.
  • (6) Goblins: Grants all allies with +15 armor and +10 HP regeneration.

List of Goblins[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Four out six goblins (Clockwerk, Tinker, Timbersaw, and Techies) are mechs. That is why people usually combo their goblin strategy with mechs, especially in the early game.

Strategy[ | ]

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