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Mech is a class in Dota Auto Chess.

Description[ | ]

"Mechs are equipped with unique contraptions to quickly recover from any kind of damage on the battlefield."

Effects[ | ]

Mech class combo
Self Repair
  • Active when you have at least (N) different mech pieces on board.
  • (3) Mechs: If allied mech survive during winning round you would obtain the Heart of Machine.
  • (6) Mechs: If allied mech survive during winning round you would obtain the Golden Heart of Machine.

List of Mech Units[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Mech is a class with high regeneration. Their bonuses stack additively.
    • 2 Mechs have +15 hp regeneration.
    • 4 Mechs have +40 hp regeneration.
  • It is hard to get their final class bonus, it requires only 4 of the available 5 mechs in the game but two of them are legendary ($5).
  • Four out of five mechs are goblins. The last mech, Gyrocopter, is a dwarf.

Species[ | ]

There are 5 mechs in the game, from the following species:

Strategy[ | ]

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General strategy[ | ]

Mechs are always combined with Goblins. With their bonuses combined, the mechs have both high regeneration and armor.

Mechs are popular early game units, with 2 Goblins/Mechs and another Goblin you can get Goblins(3)-Mechs(2) bonuses early.

Mechs are powerfully early and late game, but fall behind in mid game until you get the Goblin(6) bonus and getting all Goblins you need can be hard since you need to find one Techies. As result, most people who start with mechs tend to switch to another strategy mid game.