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Naga is a species in Dota Auto Chess.

Description[ | ]

"Nagas are cursed sea-dwellers that haunt the ocean floor. Their hardened, scaly skin acts as an effective defense against spells."

Effects[ | ]

Naga species combo
Scale Armor
  • Active when you have at least (N) different naga pieces on board. (multiple effects stack)
  • (2) Nagas: All allies gaine 2 stack of shields, each stack absorb 15% ability damage (instead of magical resistance)
  • (4) Nagas: All allies gain 4 stacks of shields above, and the stack reduces every 3 seconds.
  • (6) Nagas: Every stack explodes when it disappears, dealing a magical damage that equals to damage absorbed after the last explosion. Explosion range is 205 (melee attack range).

List of Naga[ | ]

*Currently removed from the pool as of patch 3/29/19, being adjusted.

Trivia[ | ]

Similar to Mage, each buff/debuff acts as a multiplier to magical damage received by affected unit. Thus these buffs stack multiplicatively.

  • 2 Nagas: 35% magic resist means x0.65 magical damage received multiplier. So affected unit take 100% * 0.65 = 65% magical damage received.
  • As Interaction with the Mage bonus, a unit affected by (3) Mage debuff and (2) Naga buff take 100% * 1.35 * 0.65 = 87.75% magical damage received.

Strategy[ | ]

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