Dota Auto Chess Wiki

Single Player Mode is possible with Auto Chess.[ | ]

This mode is accessible to everyone with the map installed, and requires internet connection for the purposes of retrieving opponent cloud data.

There are a 3 difficulties available, "Easy", "Normal", "Hard". Players will face different enemies for every match-up (e.g. You won't be only facing 7 other player like in multiplayer mode). Your opponents are all all picked from the cloud server, difficulty is usually ranked above average even with "Easy" mode.

There is also no option to view other player boards like in multiplayer mode, the other 7 boards will be empty when in Single Player Mode.

Players have reported that it is possible to "Win" in Single Player Mode, if you survive past Round 50 fighting Roshan, your life point (health) gets deducted each round for the rest of the game. There are no creeps/monsters from Round 51-63. Round 63 is the last round, complete that and you will have won the game, with your lineup data being saved to the cloud.

Creating Single Player Lobby[ | ]

1. Access the Auto Chess Page 2. Create Custom Lobby (You may use any lobby password).
3. Create the map
4. On the loading screen, you may choose between "Easy", "Normal", and "Hard" difficulty.
5. Play!

Additional Use for Single Player Mode[ | ]

You could also use this mode to check your rank, purchase or change couriers, test out different builds, etc.

**No cheats are allowed, even in Single Player Mode.**