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Troll is a species in Dota Auto Chess.

Description[ | ]

"Trolls are loyal followers of the Wild Gods, empowered with voodoo magic. This allowing them to become frenzied throughout their battles, attacking with relentless fervor."

Effects[ | ]

Troll species combo
Voodoo Frenzy
  • Active when you have at least (N) different troll pieces on board.
  • (2) Trolls: All allies have +15 attack speed.
  • (4) Trolls: All allies have +45 attack speed.
  • (6) Trolls: All allies have +15 attack speed for each successful attack. Maximum 15 stacks.

List of Trolls[ | ]

Strategy[ | ]

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4 Troll team make uses the huge attack speed to deal damage and generate mana. Shadow Shaman and Witch Doctor can work as crowd control while Troll Warlord and Batrider can act as damage dealer. Shadow Shaman is already one of the 2 only Shaman in the game so going for Disruptor to get 2 Shaman bonus is also highly recommended. Notice that Witch Doctor is a Warlock himself. Alchemist + Nercro + 1 Undead can be your next teammates. 3 Warlock bonus will provide team lifesteal which somewhat synergize with the huge attack speed bonus of troll, drastically increase the survivability. 2 Undead bonus reduce your opponent's armor which also increase the auto attack damage and lifesteal potential.

Troll / Warrior / Orc / Shaman / Hunter strategy[ | ]

List of pieces :

-Beast Master, Axe, Juggernaut, Disruptor

-Shadow Shaman, Witch Doctor, Troll Warlord, Bat Rider

-Medusa, Tide Hunter

4 Troll - Shadow shaman, Bat Rider, Witch Doctor and Troll Warlord

4 Orc - Beast Master, Axe, Juggernaut and Disruptor (a bonus of 600 HP for these 4 units)

<Basically these units are going to be your frontline>

2 Shaman - Shadow Shaman (troll) and Disruptor (orc) (Hex an enemy unit at the start of the round, really good CC and synergyzes perfectly with the units we have)

3 Warrior - Axe (orc) , Juggernaut (Orc) and Troll Warlord(troll) (Even more defensive bonus and more survivability for your main dps)

3 Hunter - Tide Hunter, Medusa and Beastmaster (25% more dmg for these 3 units and you are including 2 top tier units)

2 Naga - Tide Hunter, Medusa (20% magic resistance)

<totally optional>

video (with a slight change)